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Yvonne Miller, played by Kelly Jo Minter, is a character in the film A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.

Yvonne is a friend of Alice Johnson, does not believe Alice's story about Freddy Krueger and thinks her paranoid behavior is the result of Dan Jordan's death until she is attacked by Freddy and saved by Alice. Alice sends Yvonne to now-abandoned Westin Hills Hospital to find Amanda Krueger's remains and free her spirit, allowing her to fight her son Freddy.

Yvonne reappears in Innovation Comics' Nightmares on Elm Street as a police officer and repays her debt by saving Alice's life when Devonne, a woman sent by Freddy, tries to kill Alice with a machine gun and Yvonne shoots her. Alice then invites Yvonne to join her and Jacob Johnson, leaving Springwood to deprive Freddy of the opportunity to murder her.