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Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart is a 1992 horror film directed by James Merendino and starring Charles Solomon Jr and Julie Strain. The fourth film in the WitchCraft Horror Series, it was followed by Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil. Produced by Vista Street Entertainment, it was released by Troma Studios.


Will Spanner (Charles Solomon) is the son of a powerful warlock whose parents died. Spanner is reluctant to use his inherited powers, as he attempts to have a normal life as a defense attorney. Spanner is himself a powerful warlock, although he fears that the use of his powers will lead him to submit to his dark side.

Spanner defends Peter Wild who is accused of killing his girlfriend, and after meeting and becoming enamored with Belladonna (Julie Strain) at a strip club, Spanner begins to investigate the case himself. The girlfriend was actually killed by a crazed killer with links to a music club. Belladonna also works at the music club, where musicians are selling their souls to club owner Sanatana in return for promised fame. Santana hides that he is the son of Satan. Santana is Belladonna's agent, and while she has not sold her soul, she is being held captive. Also assisting Spanner in his investigation is the sister of the accused killer, Lily Wild.