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Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death is a 1991 horror film directed by Rachel Feldman and starring Charles Solomon Jr, Dominic Luciana, and Nicole Lauren. It is the third film in the Witchcraft horror series. The film was distributed by Troma Studios and produced by Vista Street Entertainment. It is followed by Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart.


William Spanner (Charles Solomon) is now an adult and working as an assistant district attorney, determined to have a normal life and rejecting his magical heritage. His newest client is Ruben Carter (Ahmad Reese), an African-American teen, who stands accused of raping and murdering the divorcee for whom he did odd jobs. According to the prosecuting attorney, Vivian Hill (Nicole Lauren), the state has an open and shut case. Ruben's fingerprints are all over the victim's house, and the medical examiner has found proof of a sexual relationship between Ruben and the dead woman. Spanner's girlfriend Charlotte (Lisa Toothman) is being seduced by evil club owner Louis (Domonic Luciana), who uses his demonic powers to turn women into his slaves. Reverend Jondular (William L. Baker) is a witch doctor who helps Spanner use his powers.