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Witchboard III: The Possession (released in some territories as Witchboard: The Possession) is a 1995 Canadian horror film directed by Peter Svatek and starring David Nerman, Elizabeth Lambert, Cedric Smith, Donna Sarrasin, and Danette MacKay. It is the second sequel to the film Witchboard.


Brian (David Nerman), is an unemployed broker who befriends his landlord Francis (Cedric Smith) only to find out that the old man is, in reality, a demon named Kral. After trapping Brian's soul via a Ouija board, Kral assumes Brian's identity and attempts to impregnate his wife Julie (Elizabeth Lambert). With the sudden change in Brian's personality, Julie begins to suspect that something is wrong, and, when she finds the demon's Ouija board, she contacts her husband. Discovering the truth, Julie tracks down Francis's ex-wife: the only person who can help her defeat the evil creature that has taken possession of her husband.