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When Spirits Walk - Gentry

When Spirits Walk is a novel written by Christine Gentry. It was first published in 1988.


Navajo deputy Sam Featherock is a rational man, but he cannot explain what he has seen. A wake of shattered bodies has left a bloody trail across the reservation within a week. The numbers of gruesome murders are accelerating at frightening speed. Is something supernatural involved or does someone want him to believe that to throw him off the trail? Tribal whispers say a Hopi witch is to blame a Skinwalker, who roams the night and causes havoc and death, but Featherock believes he stalks a more inhuman foe, an ancient spirit that has broken into our world to exact vengeance for past crimes. Native legend and myth have become frighteningly real. Everything Featherock knows and loves is in danger from a mysterious entity with the most evil of intentions. Nothing will stop Featherock from solving the mystery, but during the lonely dark of night, he learns there is only one truth. You can never sleep until you know what walks the land behind you.