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Wayne Webber

Wayne Webber, played by Martin Cummins, is a character in the film Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

Wayne, along with several other students, are on the SS Lazarus cruise ship bound for New York City with his graduating class. He is close friends with fellow student J.J. Jarrett. He has large glasses and shoulder-length hair and is an aspiring film maker.

He rejects helping J.J. with her guitar audio test in the bowels of the ship in an attempt to impress his crush Tamara Mason. He helps her bribe Principal Charles McCulloch so she can secure a high grade by videotaping him with her in a compromising position.

When Admiral John Robertson and the first mate are found dead in the ship's cabin Wayne joins the hunt for Jason Voorhees with the other male students. He accidentally kills another student when he loses his glasses and fires a shotgun at someone he cannot see. He uses his video camera to accommodate for his poor eyesight and encounters Jason who knocks the video camera out of his hand and chases him. During the chase Wayne falls over a body, he realizes it is J.J.'s corpse just as Jason grabs him and hurls him into an electrical box, killing him. His body catches fire and sets the events in motion that cause the SS Lazarus to sink.