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Vera Sanchez, played by Catherine Parks is a character in Friday the 13th Part III.

Vera was invited by Andy Beltrami to be his friend Shelly's blind date for a weekend stay at Higgins Haven, but was put off by Shelly's odd appearance and even odder behavior (such as using his special effects expertise to make himself appear dead). Vera began to warm up to him after an encounter with members of a biker gang, led by Ali.

Vera had told Shelly the reason she was not attracted to him was because of his behavior. After he leaves, she gets up and drops his wallet in Crystal Lake and goes to retrieve it. She then spots Jason Voorhees, but believes it to be Shelly until the killer shoots her in the eye and through her head with a speargun.

Vera's death is unique since she is the first character to be killed by Jason donning his iconic hockey mask.