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Trick or Treats is a 1982 American slasher dark comedy film directed by Gary Graver and starring Jacqueline Giroux, Peter Jason, Chris Graver, David Carradine, Carrie Snodgress, and Steve Railsback.


Malcolm O'Keefe is admitted to an asylum by his wife Joan. After a brief struggle, Malcolm is captured and taken away by two workers. Several years later, Linda is called to babysit Joan's son Christopher on Halloween night while Joan and her new husband, Richard, attend a Halloween party. Christopher plays tricks on Linda, such as using a fake guillotine, throwing a smoke bomb at her, and using a joy buzzer.

At the asylum, Malcolm contemplates his escape after having been there for nearly four years. With help from another inmate, Malcolm manages to escape and vows to get revenge on those who put him away. After Linda calls her friend Andrea to bring her film to her, Linda goes outside to look for Christopher. Malcolm enters the house in search of Joan and hides in the attic. Andrea enters the house and Malcolm fatally stabs her, mistaking her for Joan.

Linda and Christopher go back into the house and Brett calls Linda. After the call, Linda goes upstairs to find Christopher asleep. Linda goes downstairs and Malcolm attacks her. She tricks Malcolm and runs outside and hides in the shed. Malcolm enters the shed and sees all of his old belongings, reminiscing over them. Malcolm finds where Linda is hiding, only for her to escape again. She gets in her car, but it won’t start and then she runs back to the house again.

Linda then barricades Christopher and herself in Christopher’s room. Unbeknownst to Linda, Malcolm burst through the other door to Christopher’s room and attacks Linda once more, this time to be fatally injured by the guillotine toy altered by Linda to become an actual one. After which, Linda goes downstairs to call the police and Christopher takes Malcolm’s knife. The movie ends with a freeze-frame of Christopher about to stab Linda to death.