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Trevor Gooden is a character in the film Hellraiser: Hellseeker where he is portrayed by Dean Winters.

A lowly office worker and the husband of Kirsty Cotton, Trevor loses his memory after he and Kirsty plunge off a bridge in a car accident. As the police search for Kirsty, who has disappeared, Trevor attempts to go back to living a normal life, but finds himself stalked by the Cenobites and plagued by nightmarish hallucinations and flashbacks. After his three mistresses and best friend, who had mentioned a plot to kill Kirsty and take her inheritance, wind up dead, Trevor is arrested when he is found with one of the bodies.

Taken to the morgue in the bowels of the police department, Trevor is confronted by Pinhead, who restores Trevor's memories; Trevor had bought the Lament Configuration and planned to use it to kill Kirsty, though his plan backfired when Kirsty made a deal with Pinhead, offering five souls in exchange for her own. Trevor's mistresses and friend were the first four souls, with Trevor himself being the fifth, Kirsty having shot him in the head and sent him to his own personal Hell.