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Crutch Jasonx

Trevor "Crutch" Crutchfield, played by Philip Williams, is a character in the film Jason X.

Crutch is the chief engineer aboard The Grendel, the ship carrying Professor Braithwaite Lowe and his students to Earth. When the students return with a frozen Jason Voorhees and Rowan LaFontaine, Crutch is awakened and sent to set up the lab.

Crutch is nearly killed by Jason until Elijah Brodski, Private Kicker, and Private Condor started shooting him, allowing him to escape.

After Louis Goddard is killed, causing The Grendel to crash into the Solaris Space Station, the remaining survivors plan to utilize an escape pod. While prepping the pod, Jason shows up and kills Crutch by slamming his head into the electrical box.