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Name: Trantor
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Jonas Moscartolo

Trantor, played by Jonas Moscartolo, is a character in the film Ernest Scared Stupid.

Trantor is a troll who terrorized Briarville, Missouri in the 19th Century, turning children into wooden idols in order to draw from their power and produce more trolls. He was eventually trapped and buried alive by Phineas Worrell; however, Trantor placed a curse on the Worrell family, cursing them to be dumber with each generation.

In modern day Briarville, Phineas' decendent, Ernest P. Worrell inadvertantly revives Trantor from his grave. Trantor once again turns several children to wooden idols in order to produce more trolls. His plan comes to fruition, allowing several trolls to burst from the ground. However, the citizens of Briarville fight back, destroying the other trolls with milk.

After Trantor had grown too powerful to be destroyed by milk, Ernest instead showed Trantor love, which was powerful enough to destory him. After his death, the children he had captured were reverted back to their normal state.