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Tony Allegre, played by Branden Williams, is a character in the film Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

When Marion Chambers returns home and finds that it's been broken into, neighbor Jimmy Howell volunteers himself and Tony to check out the house for her. Tony is a little hesitant, but Jimmy, armed with a hockey stick, is determined. While Jimmy went inside, Tony stayed outside with Marion.

While in the house, Jimmy accidentally makes a mess of the kitchen, knocking down the pots and pans. When he comes out a few moments later, he tells Marion that the house is fine, but somebody messed up her office and kitchen.

After Jimmy and Tony arrive back at Jimmy's house, Jimmy reveals he stole two beers. They don't realize that Michael Myers has broken into Jimmy's house. Myers stabs Tony in the back with a knife and also kills Jimmy with an ice skate through the face.