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Tina Moore

Tina Moore, played by Camilla More, is a character in the film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Tina and her twin sister, Terri live locally in Crystal Lake where they meet six teens who have rented a cabin for the weekend. They spend the day skinny dipping with their new friends and at a party that night.

Tina dances and flirts with Paul Guthrie, Samantha Lane's boyfriend. Samantha leaves angrily telling Paul she's going skinny dipping. Paul leaves Tina to join Samantha.

Tina then sets her attention to Jimmy Mortimer. The two dance together before deciding to go upstairs and have sex, which was Jimmy's first time. Terri tells Tina she wants to leave, so Tina tells her to go and she'll join her later. When Terri leaves, she is stabbed through the back outside by Jason Voorhees.

Shen Jimmy goes downstairs to gloat to his friend Ted Cooper and grab some celebratory wine, Jason kills him by driving a wine bottle opener through his hand and a cleaver through his face.

Tina looks out the bedroom window and notices her sister's bike is still parked outside. As she contemplates what that may mean, Jason breaks through the window and throws her out of the house and onto a car, killing her.