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Thirst (Smith)
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Author Guy N. Smith
Publication date February, 1980
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Satan's Snowdrop

A crashed tanker unleashes a terrible plague

Thirst is a novel written by Guy N. Smith and was published in 1980. It has a sequel titled The Plague.


Mel Timberley, professional lorry driver, swerves to avoid a hare and crashes into Claerwen Reservoir, polluting the entire water supply of Birmingham with the most deadly weedkiller ever created. Ron Blythe was the chemist who helped to create the spray and now, with thousands of people suffering and dying, his conscience forces him to try to work to find an antidote. Unfortunately, he gets stranded inside Birmingham, now sealed off, and full of anarchists, escape criminals and weedkiller-poisoned sufferers from the Thirst, all of which turn the city into a hell inside England.