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The Witch of Sixkill

The Witch of Sixkill is a novel written by R. Karl Largent. It was first published in 1990.


Air Force Captain Charlie Frazier wanted revenge. His selfish brother had robbed him, his girlfriend had cheated on him, his boss had fired him, and his wife had left him. He wanted them to suffer -- at lot. On a lark, he consulted Jubell Caron, a tantalizing and reclusive beauty who agreed to help him to settle the score...

But soon Charlie's enemies were receiving gifts of unimaginable horror that unleashed nightmarish events on their recipients. And when one woman was brutally murdered, hear heart carved out, it was clear that the prank had gotten out of hand. Charlie had wanted them scared, not dead; now he just wanted out. But the Witch of Sixkill had other plans...