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The Travelling Vampire Show is a novel by Richard Laymon first published in 2000.


It's a day like any other in the hot August of 1963. Sleepy little Grandville holds few excitements for three thrill-seeking teenagers with time on their hands. Except for the posters. They've appeared on the streets overnight and for Dwight, Rusty and Slim the message is irresistible - The Travelling Vampire Show is coming to town.

Not that getting in is going to be easy. For a start, the show's only for over-18s and they can't pass for that. And the performance begins at midnight, way past their parents' curfew. There's also the price of admission - ten bucks each will take some finding.

But the whole day stretches ahead of them. What's to stop them taking off for Janks Field, the spooky venue for the show, and watching the crew set up? Maybe they can get some idea of what the performance will be like - even catch a glimpse of 'gorgeous, stunning' Valeria, billed as 'the only known vampire in captivity'. There can't be any harm in that - can there?

The Travelling Vampire Show is the story of what happens to Dwight, Rusty and their tomboy pal Slim on the day they hike to Janks Field. Three teenagers who go where they shouldn't go, do what they shouldn't do - and run into big trouble…