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The Sucking Pit
The Sucking Pit.jpg
Author Guy N. Smith
Publication date May 1, 1975
Publication Order
Preceded by
Werewolf by Moonlight
Followed by
The Slime Beast

A hellish quagmire of satanic secrets...

The Sucking Pit is a novel written by Guy N. Smith and published in 1975.


Tom 'Romany' Lawson, aged woodman, is discovered dead. His virginal niece Jenny mixes up a potion described in his diary and is immediately transformed into a murderous sex maniac. She ends up helping a giant gypsy leader named Cornelius to regain the local ancient Romany burial site, the Sucking Pit, by blackmailing the owner of the land with sexual favours. But her ex-boyfriend, a reporter, is astounded by the changes within her and won't give up the search for the truth.