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The Nebulon Horror, (Mar 1980, Hugh B Cave, publ Dell, 0-440-16001-4, $1 95, 238pp, pb) Cover Boris Vallejo

The Nebulon Horror is a novel written by Hugh B. Cave. It was first published in 1980.


Nebulon, a sleepy little Florida town. It had never known trouble, never expected it from its smallest, most innocent residents-the children. But something awful was growing in the youngest minds. It began with a child's brutal attack on her mother's lover. A pet obscenely mutilated. A baby drowned in the lake. A man blinded, then savagely stabbed to death. As the small, familiar faces turned away without feeling, the clues lead to old Gustave Nebulon's house and a door that, if opened, may release all the hate the world could hold...