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The Monster X Strikes Back/Attack the G8 Summit is an independent Japanese Kaiju comedy film, released by Shochiku and produced by the Guilala Production Committee. It is a satirical sequel to the 1967 film, The X from Outer Space.


In the year 2008 all the world leaders are together at a G8 Summit meeting in Japan. A meteorite crashes into the heart of Sapporo and releases the monster Guilala. The monster rampages through Sapporo, leaving death and destruction in his wake. After levelling the city, Guilala transforms into a giant ball of fire and flies to Hokkaidō, making its way to the G8 Summit. The Prime Minister of Japan proposes cancelling the Summit for the safety of all involved, but the President of the United States convinces the other world leaders to personally stay and fight. Shortly after forming a world alliance, each leader stays to fight their own reason:

  • United States - To boost his ratings in the polls.
  • France - To make a move on a pretty Japanese interpreter.
  • Great Britain - To assist their "allies" the United States.
  • Germany - To put an end to sexism by the German Parliament.
  • Canada - To accompany the German leader for her safety.
  • Italy - Believes that Ancient Roman philosophies will stop Guilala.
  • Russia - Feels left out and rejected by the group and because Russia is close by.
  • Japan - Joins the group majority agreeing to stop Guilala.

The leaders soon discover the reason for Guilala's appearance on Earth was due to a Chinese satellite that fell out of orbit and was the crashed "meteorite" in Sapporo. Assisting the leaders is Dr. Sano, a Japanese scientist who discovers that Guilala is actually a cosmic spore attached to the Probe that was exposed to the Earth's atmosphere, causing it to grow into the monster. He also figures out that the crash caused Guilala to lose a lot of energy and it's searching for "high temperature" energy to recharge. The doctor doesn't think the monster will leave Japan until it finds the energy it needs. Meanwhile, Guilala arrives at the Noboribetsu Power Planet and sucks all of the energy out of the plant.

Hoping to trap Guilala, the Japanese set up an earthquake generator near the fictional "Mt. Showa" to draw Guilala to a magma flow and destroy him with a super missile known as "The Vulture". Guilala arrives to feed, but he swallows the missile whole when it's fired at him. Soon, other countries are scrambling with their own "super" weapons, but each one fails in comedic fashion. In the middle of all this the Japanese Prime Minister is waylaid by diarrhea and is replaced by Junzaburo Ohizumi, a former Prime Minister and a friend of the US President. He arrives to help in the battle, but seems shifty. Ohizumi even suggests using nuclear weapons, but is stared down by the other leaders. After the Germans' super weapon fails to put him out of action, Guilala dances with the setting sun.

When Guilala mind is damaged by a British brainwashing weapon, the monster begins a wild rampage. Ohizumi suddenly reveals that he is in fact the leader of the "North Country" (North Korea's Kim Jong-Il). He stole Ohizumi's identity during a state visit. He reveals that the Japanese interpreters attending the G8 Summit are all his spies and they all draw weapons, taking the world leaders hostage. His also announces that he plans on using a "limited" nuclear warhead to destroy Guilala. Meanwhile, President Sorkozy (sic) of France has finally bedded the translator, who confesses her true identity. Clad only in a towel, Sorkozy creates a distraction, which allows Japanese soldiers to rush the spies. The North Country leader is captured but not before managing to launch the nuclear missile at Guilala. Dr. Sano announces that Guilala's spores are re-energized and that if the missile strikes it will spread Guilala spores worldwide...