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The Headless Ghost is a Goosebumps television episode adapted from the R. L. Stine novella of the same name. It was written by Dan Angel and Billy Brown and was directed by Brian R. R. Hebb. It first aired September 21, 1996.


Pranksters Dwayne Comack and Stephanie Alpert find themselves trapped in a seaside house haunted by a headless ghost, along with a ghost of a boy who died falling through a dumbwaiter and the ghost of a sea captain who takes the form of a friendly, but firm tour guide named Otto. After confronting Seth for his misbehavior, Otto spares Dwayne and convinces him to return home so he can talk to Stephanie alone. As Dwayne is leaving Hill House, he hears screaming coming from Stephanie and runs back upstairs to the attic. He comes in time to see the ghostly Otto (revealed as the sea captain) berating Stephanie for her constant disrespect of Hill House and painting a portrait of her in 1900s garb. He plans to force her to be part of their group with the intention to teach her a lesson in respect like the other two boys. Andrew and Seth appear in front of Stephanie and confront her for her terrible behavior.

The two address Dwayne and reveal their past to him that they were once normal boys from the modern world. They mentioned that their constant bad behaviors and disrespect of Hill House lead to Otto painting their portraits in order to teach them a lesson in respect. Andrew and Seth tell Dwayne that Otto is only punishing Stephanie by painting her portrait in 1900s garb because of her bad behavior. They mention that Otto had only spared him because he has shown respect for Hill House and is the more sensible of the two. Dwayne grabs a bucket of water mixed in with paint repellent and dumps it on the portrait, causing it to fade away and saves Stephanie's life.

Andrew and Seth seemingly disappear as if thanking Dwayne for saving them. After escaping from Hill House, Dwayne and Stephanie never talked about their experiences to anyone. Hill House is put up for sale and bought by a couple as a perfect fixer upper unaware of the horror they will experience.