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The Haunted Mask Part 1 is a television episode adapted from the R. L. Stine novella The Haunted Mask. The episode was written by José Rivera and directed by Timothy Bond. It first aired October 27, 1995.


Picking up immediately where Part 1 left off, Carly Beth Caldwell starts to act differently: she frightens other children, throws candy onto the ground, and destroys Halloween decorations. After scaring Chuck Greene and Steve Boswell, she buries the mold of her head. While at Sabrina Mason's house, Carly Beth is shocked to find she is unable to remove the mask as it seems to have become part of her skin.

She goes back to the mask shop to find the owner waiting for her. The shop owner tells Carly Beth that the mask is a real face and the only way to remove it is with a "symbol of love." Carly Beth begins to cry out in horror, awakening the other masks who begin to pursue her. Chased by the other masks, she runs to the cemetery and digs up the mold her mother gave her. Carly Beth uses the mold to deter the other masks and is able to remove the mask from her face. She returns home to her mother, tossing the mask near the door. Carly Beth is horrified to see her brother Noah wearing the mask upon his return.