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The Haunted Mask Part 1 is a television episode adapted from the R. L. Stine novella The Haunted Mask. The episode was written by José Rivera and directed by Timothy Bond. It first aired October 27, 1995.


Carly Beth Caldwell is an easy target to scare by classmates Chuck Greene and Steve Boswell. On Halloween, they fool her into eating a sandwich that contains a worm. In anger, Carly Beth runs home and rips the duck costume her mother made for her. She decides to go to a mask shop hoping to find something that will scare Chuck and Steve. In the store, she finds a back room filled with some hideous masks. The store's owner refuses to sell any of the masks, so Carly Beth takes one and tosses money to him before leaving. At home, she uses the mask to frighten her brother, Noah. She has trouble taking the mask off, and when it finally comes off, she and Noah are unsure about how she unintentionally changed her voice. After putting on the mask again, Carly Beth takes a mold of her head that her mother made for her and leaves the house to meet her best friend, Sabrina Mason.