The Grange

R Chetwynd Hayes - Grange, The - Tor Horror pbk 1980s.jpg

The Grange is a novel written by R. Chetwynd-Hayes. It was first published in 1985 and is the first in the Clavering Grange book series.


Clavering Grange is ghost-ridden: a red-haired boy wanders the halls, plaintively asking to go home; an old soldier stalks the corridors, sword drawn, eyes gleaming with unholy glee. Where they walk, death and disaster follow.

The Grange's evil twists the souls of all who reside there: the master of the house is given to murderous rages and mysterious disappearances. His sister must be locked in her room each night -- to keep the horrors of the Grange out, or the keep a demonically possessed woman in?

Miles Harrington, newly employed as estate manager, must plumb the depths of the Clavering Grange's evil and face its ghosts. But that evil is more ancient than the keep's crumbling stone walls, and far stronger. Can one man stand against it?

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