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Cover art for The Fuel of Tender Years created by Rodger Gerberding

The Fuel of Tender Years is a collection of macabre poetry written by Joey Froehlich. It is illustrated by Rodger Gerberding and the forward is written by Stephen King.

After Froehlich corresponded with King for a time, King told Froehlich that he should do a collection of his poetry. He told him that if he did, he would write a forward for him. A couple years later, in 1996, Froehlich published The Fuel of Tender Years as a chapbook through Gothic Press. As promised, King followed through and wrote the forward.


  • A Hunger for Brains
  • A Nighted View Before
  • At Home in Ancient Smoke
  • Behind the Eyelid Dreams You Will Never See
  • Blood at the Circus
  • Break In
  • Cloth
  • Cold Wind Guitars
  • Dancers of Night
  • Dealer of Obscurity
  • Death in 1936
  • Dreams of a Little Boy
  • Dresden Slaughterhouse
  • Echo
  • Far From a Sinister Heart
  • Fossils in the Sand
  • From the Fire She Loved
  • God Feeds the Ravens
  • Gutter, Inc.
  • Haunted Whispers
  • I Failed the Man Who Ate My Dreams
  • I Love Your Nightmare
  • If You Don't Take Care of Your Own Brain Who's Going to Take Care of It For You?
  • Inspired
  • It Helps the Pain
  • It's a Nightmare From Here
  • Lawyers of Night
  • Less Frogs
  • Life is Good Unless You Die
  • Mysterious Nation
  • Nightmares' Mutiny
  • Nobody Lives Without Her
  • On His Deathbed, Someone Cared
  • On Writing
  • Parasite Window
  • Psycho Fire
  • Radicals Die Too
  • Road to Nowhere
  • Savage Eyes/Dark Remains
  • Singing Nightmares
  • Summer Bones
  • Sunshine Banjoes
  • Technology's Trance
  • Thanksgiving
  • The Buzzsaw Reunion
  • The Cage
  • The Fear You Don't Remember
  • The Fuel of Tender Years
  • The Girl Who Washes Sad Forever
  • The Mailman
  • The Marriage of the Dead
  • The Music Out of Space
  • The Sad Hermit
  • The Sweetheart Of Doom
  • The Violins
  • The Year of Her Body
  • Tombstone House
  • Two Bullets
  • Voices
  • Where There Was Nothing
  • Windows to a Dark Heart