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The Eighth Day is a novel written by Guy N. Smith. It was first published in 2011.


Kate Leonard is a loner, psychological scars remaining from childhood abuse. She finds solace in her artwork especially in painting the ducks on the park lake. Then one day her solitary life is shattered when she is raped by a masked man. Although his features are concealed she knows that she would recognise him again by his abnormal genitalia. Her search for the unknown rapist begins, fuelled by a smouldering hatred of the male sex in general. Posing as a prostitute in the shadows of the city alleyways, her predations at first are mutilations. Then comes the first death, followed by others as Kate claims her gruesome trophies. Detective Sargent Jason Ford is assigned to the case, his mission to bring this female serial killer to justice. He is only too well aware as he hunts her that he, too, may well become one of her victims.