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The Disciples of Cthulhu is an anthology edited by Edward P. Berglund. It was first published in 1976.


No great talent of this century encountered more opposition to a rightful place in literary esteem than H. P. Lovecraft. Yet no other writer ever gathered a more devoted band of followers determined to give his creations immortality.

Today the whole world knows of Lovecraft. Today the mythology of the Elder Gods, of the Great Old Ones, of Cthulhu, have become the Horror Pantheon of the science fiction and fantasy reading cosmos.

In this remarkable new anthology, Edward P. Berglund has commissioned nine original tales of the Cthulhu Mythos -- nine terrifying tales of the inconceivable past and the unbearable mysteries of outer space and their impact on Earth. Here is Fritz Leiber with a long new novelette, and Eddy C. Bertin, and Lin Carter, and Brian Lumley, and Joseph Payne Brennan, and the others...

Here are THE DISCIPLES OF CTHULHU. Read and tremble!