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The Aardvark Affair is a novel written by Gary Brandner. It was first published in 1975.


Before his birth, even before his conception, everything about Colin Garrett's life was planned with a single goal in mind: to produce a genius child. The plan was so successful that the standard tests for for intelligence did not measure high enough to rate Colin on their scales.

But the one thing the brain wasn't smart enough to do was to keep his mind power hidden from the Army.

When serious trouble erupts at Aardvark, Colonel Jefferson (J.J.) Judd makes it his business to start the brain working again for the highest-level espionage operation ever conceived - Agency Zero.

Judd tells Garrett that Aardvark is a soil reclamation project, testing ultrasonics and laser light to change the molecular structure of barren soil. And three people have become mental vegetables in the course of that testing.

But you can't keep a secret from a man with X-ray intelligence. Garrett knows one of those three is faking...