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Teddy Bryant, played Wendy Wessberg, is a character in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Teddy was the coroner who worked in the same hospital as Dr. Daniel Challis, and has history with him. On October 23, a man named Harry Grimbridge is murdered after being brought in to the hospital clutching a Halloween mask and his killer blows himself up in a car. Four days later on the 27th, Dr. Challis decides to set out with Harry's daughter Ellie Grimbridge to investigate the murder. Before he leaves, Challis talks to Teddy about the killer who was dressed like a businessman and was able to rip apart Harry's skull with inhuman strength despite not appearing to be on drugs as the police think otherwise. Then Challis asks Teddy to look into the killer's autopsy for clues and let him know if she finds anything unusual.

As Dan and Ellie stay at a motel in the town of Santa Mira on October 29, Dr. Challis calls Teddy and she tells him the autopsy results will be delayed as it appears they have been examining charred car parts by mistake due to mixed-up envelopes, and the collected ashes analyzed were metal and plastic shavings. The following morning, Dan checks in with Teddy again. She tells him the autopsy has gotten strange because no human remains were found and nothing in the ashes indicates there was ever a body in the car when it exploded, believing someone must have tampered with the evidence. Dan asks her to stop with the autopsy and instead look into Conal Cochran, the owner of the Halloween novelty and mask making company Silver Shamrock, where the jack-o'-lantern mask Harry Grimbridge was holding came from. On Halloween night, Teddy tries to call Dan back at the motel but the number is disconnected. Then she calls a colleague and asks him to come in the next morning to confirm her findings. Unbeknownst to Teddy, a man in a suit sneaks into her office and removes an electric drill from a drawer. As she looks at one of the parts of the killer's charred car, Teddy makes the startling realization that some of the parts she has been looking at weren't from the car but the killer. As soon as Teddy tries to call the sheriff, she's stopped and attacked by a businessman similar to the one who killed Harry. The man forces Teddy onto the floor and pins her down as she struggles. Then the businessman turns on the drill and forces it into Teddy's ear, killing her.

According to Tommy Lee Wallace on the film's Blu-ray audio commentary, Teddy was added to the film during re-shoots. Originally, there would have been scenes of Dr. Challis repeatedly talking to an unknown and unseen character on the phone about the coroner's report on Harry Grimbridge's killer. Wallace decided to flesh out the story some more and actually show the character Dan is talking to with the addition of Teddy. This also made it necessary to add an early scene showing Dan and Teddy talking to each other and establishing past history between them through their dialogue.