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Theodore "Ted" Bowen is a character in Friday the 13th Part II played by Stuart Charno.

Ted is good friends with counselors-in-training Jeff Dunsberry and Sandra Dier, showing it after playing a prank on them in which he has their car towed a couple of blocks. He is also the second-in-charge of the team; a practical joker, he aids Paul in telling a story of Jason Voorhees by scaring the other counselors wielding a spear and a mask.

His spear is later used by Jason ironically to kill Jeff and Sandra. When he leaves with Ginny Field, Paul Holt and most of the others from the cabin, he drinks heavily but promises to have someone else drive back to the camp. Ted is one of the only main counselors in the entire series to not be killed by Jason as he is never seen again when Paul and Ginny leave him at the bar.