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Tangina Barrons, played by Zelda Rubinstein, is a character in the Poltergeist film series.

Tangina is a spiritual medium.

In Poltergeist, Tangina determines the spirits are lingering in a different "sphere of consciousness" and are not at rest. They are attracted to Carol Anne's life force. Tangina also detects a dark presence she calls the "Beast," who is restraining Carol Anne and manipulating her life force to prevent the other spirits from crossing over.

The entrance to the other dimension is in the children's bedroom closet and exits through the living room ceiling. Diane, secured by a rope, passes through the portal, guided by another rope previously threaded through both portals. Diane retrieves Carol Anne, and they drop through the ceiling to the living room floor, covered in ectoplasm. As they recover from the ordeal, Tangina proclaims the house is "clean."

In Poltergeist II: The Other Side; one year after the Freeling house poltergeist intrusion, the Cuesta Verde neighborhood has been turned into an archaeological dig centered around the spot where the Freelings' home stood. The excavation leads to the discovery of a cave by a ground crew. Its existence is revealed to psychic Tangina Barrons, who informs her friend [[Taylor (Poltergeist II)|Taylor, a Native American shaman. After investigating the cave for himself, Taylor realizes that the spirit of Rev. Henry Kane, a deceased, insane preacher, whom he has seen in dreams is after Carol Anne and goes to defend her.

Tangina comes to help the Freelings and Taylor battle the evil Reverend Henry Kane.

In Poltergeist III, Tangina senses that Carol Anne Freeling is once again in danger, even though she's staying with her aunt and uncle. She and Kane battle, resulting in her death; however, even after dying, Tangina is powerful and is able to convince to step into the light with her.