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Something Near

Something Near is a collection of short stories written by August Derleth. It was first published in 1945.


  • A Thin Gentleman with Gloves
  • Mr. Ames' Devil
  • A Wig for Miss DeVore
  • Mrs. Corter Makes Up Her Mind
  • Pacific 421
  • Headlines for Tod Shayne
  • No Light for Uncle Henry
  • Lansing's Luxury
  • Carousel
  • Lady Macbeth of Pimley Square
  • Here, Daemos!
  • McElwin's Glass
  • An Elegy for Mr. Danielson
  • The Satin Mask
  • Motive
  • The Metronome
  • The Inverness Cape
  • The Thing That Walked on the Wind
  • Ithaqua
  • Beyond the Threshold
  • The Dweller in Darkness