Snowbeast (2011)

Snowbeast (2011) poster.jpg
Date of Release: November 12, 2011
Boogeyman: Yeti

Snowbeast is a 2011 remake of the 1977 original. This version is directed by Brian Brough.


People disappear every year out in the Canadian wilderness - however, this year is different. This year something is increasing the body count. Jim and his research team trek into the Canadian wilderness to study the Canadian Lynx every year.

However, this year is wrong. The Lynx are missing. In fact most of the wildlife is missing; Jim and his team, including his rebellious daughter Emmy, seek to find out why. As they conduct their study, something is stalking them. Something not human. Something that no prey can escape...including human prey!

While the research team is trying to find out why the lynx have disappeared, the local ranger is searching for the answer to what is making tourist disappear; even if it the last thing he ever does.

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