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Name: Six Shooter
Gender: Male

Six-Shooter is a cowboy with six arms, each holding a gun. Other than his guns, he has a red bandanna that moves by itself. He is first shown in Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge. His skills include sharpshooting, roping and climbing walls like a spider.

In Retro Puppet Master, it is revealed that in real life, the retro version of Six-Shooter was once the person who first taught André Toulon how to animate inanimate objects; the identity of the later Six Shooter hasn't been revealed. In the behind the scenes of Retro Puppet Master, Six Shooter is seen as Guy Rolfe opens the puppet trunk.

In Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, Six-Shooter is given laser-shooters in replacement for his guns as a result of a fire that had happened previously. In Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, Six shooter's arms makes a cameo in the movie, and his picture is seen also in the movie along with Torch as the credits roll. In Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Six-Shooter is revealed through images for the film that he will wear a black stealth outfit, at this time it is currently unknown why.