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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is a 2012 Canadian-French 3D horror film directed and written by Michael J. Bassett and a sequel to the film Silent Hill. Revelation 3D stars Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Deborah Kara Unger, Martin Donovan, Malcolm McDowell, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Sean Bean, and is based on the survival horror video game Silent Hill 3 by Konami.

Revelation 3D's plot follows teenager Heather Mason (Clemens) who discovers on the eve of her eighteenth birthday that her presumed identity is false and as a result is drawn to an alternate dimension existing in the fictitious American town of Silent Hill.


Heather Mason and her adoptive father Harry Mason have spent the past few years moving from town to town and assuming different identities. Heather believes that they are on the run from the police because Harry killed a man in self-defense and that her adoptive mother Rose died in a car crash. In fact, Harry has been protecting her from the Order, a cult of Silent Hill, a town haunted by shifting dimensions. Rose was able to free Heather (then Sharon) from one of the alternate dimensions using one half of a talisman called the Seal of Metatron, but Rose remained trapped in Silent Hill.

Heather meets fellow student Vincent Cooper, but is haunted by hallucinations of Silent Hill. She is approached by private investigator Douglas Cartland regarding her identity. Heather warns Harry, but he is abducted by the Order and taken to Silent Hill. Unaware of this, Heather goes to a mall to wait for Harry, but enters the Silent Hill's Otherworld. Douglas explains he was hired by the Order to find Heather, but decides to help her when he discovered who his clients were. A monster, the Missionary, kills Douglas, but returning to the real world, Heather flees, leaving her a suspect to Douglas' murder.

Vincent escorts her home, but they find a message instructing Heather to go to Silent Hill. Heather learns the truth by reading a letter from her father, and decides to go to Silent Hill to rescue him; she takes the other half of the Seal of Metatron which is stored in her house. Heather and Vincent travel to the town, but stop at a motel, where Vincent reveals that he is the son of the Order’s leader Claudia Wolf, and was sent by her to convince Heather to willingly come to Silent Hill. He reveals that Heather is a part of Alessa Gillespie, a girl who was burnt 38 years ago by the Order, leading her to create the town's shifting dimensions. A shift to the Otherworld occurs, and Vincent is dragged away by the Missionary after telling Heather to find his grandfather Leonard who possesses the Seal of Metatron's other half.

Heather ventures into one of the alternate dimensions to find Leonard. She encounters Alessa’s mother Dahlia, who reveals that Claudia intends to complete a purpose intended for Alessa at her burning. Heather finds Leonard who after informing her that the Seal of Metatron will reveal "the true nature of things," he fuses Heather's half of the amulet with the one he possesses and becomes a monster. After knocking Heather out and taking her away, she awakens and retrieves the amulet from his body, which kills him. As she runs away, she encounters Pyramid Head and hides from him while noticing Vincent being dragged off by the Order after being deemed insane by Claudia for betraying the Order.

Heather saves Vincent and they go to Lakeside Amusement Park, where the Order's sanctuary is hidden. Dark Alessa, the manifestation of Alessa’s wrath, confronts Heather who embraces her counterpart, absorbing her and making Alessa complete once again. Heather confronts Claudia, who is holding Harry and Vincent hostage. Claudia explains that Alessa's destiny was to be the incubator for a deity worshipped by the Order; the deity will punish all sinners upon its birth and Heather's destiny will be complete. Realizing Leonard's words, Heather gives Claudia the Seal of Metatron, revealing her to be the Missionary. Heather summons Pyramid Head, who kills the Missionary, allowing Heather to rescue Vincent and Harry.

As the fog fades from town, Harry decides to stay in Silent Hill to find and free Rose, leaving Heather in Vincent's care. As the Silent Hill is consumed by the remaining fog, Heather and Vincent hitchhike, and a local truck driver stops, who introduces himself as Travis Grady.