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Shoichi Tsukioka, played by Hiroshi Koizumi, is a character from the film Godzilla Raids Again.

Tsukioka and fellow pilot Koji Kobayashi were pilots who scouted for fish for an Osaka company. Shoichi spotted a school of tuna, but not long after, Koji's plane had a malfunction that caused him to land on nearby Iwato Island. Shoichi landed and found Koji with a sprained wrist, but otherwise unharmed. Not long after arriving, they discovered Godzilla and another monster battling on the other side of hill. They watched until Godzilla and the other monster tumbled into the ocean, allowing the pilots to escape.

Not long after, the two monsters made landfall and battled in Osaka, destroying the city. The other monster was named Anguirus. Tsukioka and Koji were commissioned to scout for the monsters. Eventually they spotted Godzilla on a remote island and informed the Navy. The Navy bombed him repeatedly to no effect and he was about to return to sea. Koji attempted to distract Godzilla with his plane but Godzilla shot him down, causing him to crash into the mountain, killing him. Tsukioka was devastated but realized that the military could shoot missiles at the mountain, and bury Godzilla in an avalanche. The jets fire missiles, and buried Godzilla in snow and ice.