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Sheriff Mike Garris is a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by David Kagen.

Sheriff Garris is the law in Forest Green. We first see him when Tommy Jarvis bursts through the door claiming Jason Voorhees is alive. Garris dismisses Tommy's words of warning, saying he knows who he is and he'll escort him out of town; however, Tommy drives to the graveyard followed by Garris and his deputy, Deputy Rick Cologne.

Tommy is apprehended and placed in the police station's jail cell. Garris's daughter Megan arrives in town with her friends to open the summer camp. He is annoyed when Megan and Tommy hit it off. Garris and his men find Cort Andrews and Nikki's bodies and he implicates Tommy in the murders believing him to be insane and imagining Jason.

Megan helps Tommy escape the jail cell and they head to the camp, Garris and his men are on the way there too. Garris later finds his men dead and comes face to face with Jason. He puts him down with a shotgun shot and unloads bullets into Jason to no effect, Garris runs and hides in the bushes, he hears Megan shout for him and Jason turns to head towards her, Garris shouts "No not her!" and tackles Jason, picking up a rock and slamming it down on to the killer's mask, Jason, unfazed, folds Garris in half breaking his back and killing him.