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Sheriff Cal Tucker, played by Marco St. John, is a character in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.

Tucker, is first seen when he arrives at Pinehurst Youth Development Center with Deputy Dodd and drops off residents Tina McCarthy and Eddie Kelso. The couple were having sex on Edna Hockett's property again. When she shows up, she demands he shut down Pinehurst, but he's able to calm her down and she leaves. He explains to Matthew Letter that he understands what he's trying to achieve with his halfway house, but he can't keep picking up the residents on other people's property.

He shows up again later when Victor Faden kills Joey Burns. He asks Letter if Joey has any family around to inform, but Letter tells him that he has bounced from foster home to foster home before finally settling at Pinehurst.

After multiple murders happen around town, Mayor Cobb pressures Tucker to do something about it. Tucker suggests it could be Jason Voorhees, but Cobb insists angrily Jason is dead.

When Pam Roberts, Tommy Jarvis, and Reggie Winter manage to kill Roy Burns who was masquerading as Jason, Tucker explains to Pam in the hospital that Roy was Joey Burns' father and he snapped and went on a murdering spree, copying Jason Voorhees.