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Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein is a character in Friday the 13th Part III, played by Larry Zerner.

An overweight prankster with an afro, Shelly is self-conscious about his looks and pulls pranks on his friends to try to fit in.

During a trip to the grocery store with Vera Sanchez, the two encounter a motorcycle gang trio, Ali, Fox, and Loco. The three give Shelly and Vera a hard time. When leaving the store, Shelly accidentally backs over Ali's bike. Ali breaks the car's windshield in retaliation. Shelly drives over the motorcycle and speeds away back to Higgins Haven.

He is notable for being the owner of Jason's original hockey mask. Shelly tries an unsuccessful advance on Vera but is rejected. Angered by Vera spurning him, Shelly later sneaks up on her at the Crystal Lake dock, wielding a harpoon while wearing a wetsuit and hockey mask, intending to scare her. After being frightened by Shelly, an enraged Vera tells Shelly that she would like him more if he did not act like a "jerk," which Shelly responds to by saying that "being a jerk is better than being a nothing" before walking to a nearby barn where the hiding Jason Voorhees slits his throat off-screen and takes his hockey mask and harpoon.

Shelly later tries to get help from his friend Chili Jachson, but she thinks that he is pulling another trick, and eventually dies from his wound.