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Shake, Rattle and Roll 12 is a 2010 Filpino horror suspense film in three acts from Regal Films. It is the twelfth installment of Shake, Rattle & Roll film series. It was also distributed by the Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Regal Multimedia, Inc. It was an official entry in the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.



Some years ago, Abel (Ricky Davao) was incapacitated by a passing car while his wife Gail (Jackie Lou Blanco) was killed in a hit-and-run accident, after a serious fight, leaving Abel widowed with his two children, Ara (Shaina Magdayao) and Abigail (Elijah Alejo).

After visiting her mother's grave, Abigail picked up a seemingly-disposed-of doll in a nearby barrow. Ara, being suspicious of the doll, demanded her sister throw it away. This soon culminated in a sisterly fight, on which one instance, the doll sprang to life and comforted Abigail. It was revealed that Gail's spirit possessed the doll.

Traumatized after being assaulted by the doll, Ara destroyed her little sister's toy, despite of Abigail watching the scene horribly. Abel, deciding this was the final straw for Ara, ordered the doll to be disposed of in the creek. Soon, the doll assassinated two garbage men and returned to the Federicos house, seeking vengeance against Abigail, who was given a new set of dolls by her father.

A subplot shows that the doll is formerly Dorothy Cruz's, an infertile woman who succumbed to insanity after learning her medical condition. Her husband Manuel (Jed Madela) refuses to give any comments to the doll.

One night, the mother doll launched its final execution against the family, resulting with Ara gaining the upper hand. Taunted by the doll imitating her mother's voice, she [Ara] shot the doll squarely after it attempted to murder Abigail. The doll sank under the pool, but recovered and was adopted by a street child.

Thus, a new chapter for the doll's terror began.

Isla (Engkanto)

A lost girl (Nina Jose) was separated from her friends while on a vacation. Lost in the woods, she was incapacitated by an unknown entity, which transforms her into an unimaginable creature.

In the present, Andrea (Andi Eigenmann) was accompanied by her friends Ces (Kristel Moreno) and Belle (Regine Angeles) on a vacation in a seemingly-remote island. Upon setting foot on the island, rumors circulated the trio that a man named Ray (Rayver Cruz) had lost his girlfriend during a holiday in the very same place. Dismissing the hearsay, the trio spent the night with a bonfire.

Tensions rose as disappearances of Andrea startled the group, with their friend reappearing in the morning with muddy feet. Counseled by a "witch doctor", Malay (John Lapus), Andrea was the next target of the "engkanto" of the island, whom Malay said was the king of the isle. Afterwards, they met Ray himself. The gays seemed to be cold with the guy, as he was cold to them either.

No sooner than the disappearances worsen, a group of fairies dubbed as the "Lambana" attacked the group's cottage, assassinating Belle and Ces in the havoc. The engkanto, having a chance to permanently abduct Andrea, held the girl hostage, with Ray and Malay in hot pursuit. In the end, Malay was killed, but Ray managed to overpower the engkanto, saving Andrea's life.

In a post-plot scene, Andrea woke aboard a boat with Ray; however, it was revealed that the engkanto's spirit transferred to Ray's body, and he was under control, thus, continuing his desire for Andrea.


Dianne (Carla Abellana) works as a part-time tutor for the Gonzales', the owners of a local funeral parlor, which is said to be the lair of rumored "aswangs".

On her first day, she met the patriarch Carlo (Sid Lucero), the children - Ryan (Nash Aguas) and Sarah (Anna Vicente) -, the family's butlers Aludia (Odette Khan) and Simeon (Jess Evardone), and the secretary Anna (Gaby dela Merced). After a series of successful tutorial sessions, it gradually became clear to Dianne the nature of the family: being photophobic, having a desire for human entrails, and, worst of all, the unusual activity in and out of the parlor.

Dennis (Mart Escudero), Dianne's brother, dismissed his sister's stories; meanwhile, Ryan was accused of divulging the truth to Dianne, creating a tension between Carlo and the tutor. However, Dianne could not brought herself to quit, not only because of being friendly attached to Ryan, but also this was her only work for a living.

As a plot, the family lured Dennis, who was waiting for her sister outside. Unknown to him, he was used as a bait to force Diane continue her work, but at the same time, sacrificing her life as prey to the "aswangs". Carlo then revealed that they were once part of an ancient tribe, whose homes were ravaged by fire. Desperate, he Carlo, being widowed, and his family set up the funeral parlor to cover up their true nature and to earn for a living. This explained their photophobic features and the fact of dismissing Dianne every evening before sundown.

Dianne confronted the group, demanding they surrender Dennis. Throwing formaldehyde and setting the parlor aflame as a diversion, Dianne and her brother narrowly escaped Sarah's and Carlo's assaults, while Ryan begged to go with her. Left with no choice, Dianne brought Ryan home, as the funeral parlor burned to the ground.

As Dianne finds the first-aid kit to treat Dennis, she overhears his screams. She rushes to the den and finds Ryan who was revealed to be an aswang himself, eating Dennis' entrails. Although unnoticed, he has desire on eating living people with his family during his birthday rather than eating corpses like his foster family. Dianne realizes that she was deceived for being friends with Ryan as he growls and pounces on her.