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Shack, played by Chris Gauthier, is a character in the film Freddy vs. Jason.

Shack has a loud, boisterous personality which occasionally leads to bullying Charlie Linderman.

Shack was at the cornfield rave that was held after the murder of Trey Cooper, Blake Mueller, and Blake's father. Shack gets drunk on Everclear. After he and his friend run into Jason Voorhees in the cornfield, they taunt him. Jason kills his friend by twisting his head around backwards. Shack attempts to set Jason on fire by dousing him with Everclear and lighting him with a Tiki torch.

As Jason burns and the fire spreads throughout the cornfield, Shack runs away, toward the rave. Jason throws his machete which impales Shack through his back, coming out his chest. Shack spits blood and falls to the ground, dead.