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Semu, played by Richard Deacon, is a character in the film Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy.

Semu sends his men to kill Dr. Gustav Zoomer in order to obtain the mummy Klaris. Klaris has a medallion that leads to the treasure of Princess Ara. However, the medallion was not with the mummy when he gets it.

Semu tracks the medallion down after discovering that Madame Rontru is trying to buy it off of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. After Costello accidentally eats it and Rontru uses a fluoroscope to read it, she is unable to make out the hieroglyphics. Semu, posing as an archeologist, offers his services and escorts them to the tomb.

Semu's followers revive Klaris with the hope that Klaris will kill Semu's competition. However, Klaris is destroyed with dynomite and Semu, his followers, and Rontru are theoretically arrested.