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Sean Robertson

Sean Robertson is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan played by Scott Reeves.

Sean is the son of Admiral John Robertson and is first seen arguing with his father about how to set sail. He is later revealed as a love interest of Rennie Wickham. When Rennie convinces Sean that Jason Voorhees is on board the ship they rush to the front of the ship only to find Admiral Robertson and his first mate dead.

The male students arm themselves and hunt Jason but all fall prey to him, After the ship goes down Sean pilots the safety raft that takes him, Rennie, Charles McCulloch, Colleen Van Deuson, Julius Gaw and Toby the dog to New York. Two punks mug them and kidnap Rennie, Sean later finds her and they flee from Jason.

As they head through the city sewers Sean is knocked out when Jason kills a sanitation worker. After Rennie douses Jason in toxic waste, she revives Sean and they escape as Jason seemingly dies. He and Rennie embrace on the street as they reunite with Toby and they start to walk along Times Square.