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Scar, played by Ian Whyte, is a character in the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator.

Scar is one of three Predators that has arrived at the Pyramid to enact a once in a hundred year ritual to become "blooded" hunters. Scar is the only one of the three to achieve blooded status and shows more competency and skill than the other two predators, who both fail to either mind their surroundings and underestimate the Alien threat.

However, Scar is caught off guard by a Facehugger when he removes his mask to mark it with the acid blood of his recent kill. He succeeds in killing several Aliens and manages to survive the pyramid, and aids Lex in defeating the Queen, but is mortally wounded and dies from his injuries. His body is taken by his clan and later left unattended in a chamber, where his chest then explodes as a chestburster erupts from it.