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Satan's Child - Peter Saxon

Satan's Child is a novel written by Peter Saxon. It was first published in 1967.


The folk of Kinskerchan were averse to Elspet Malcolm's tempting beauty. They gloated as her husband lashed her raw. Then they burned her at the stake--mindless, in their godly work, of the son who added his own screams to his mother's final agonies...

Iain Malcolm would leave that Scottish village, to sit at the feet of Himalayan masters and perhaps never to return. Yet something appeared in Kinskerchan--a thing of ghastly, ever-changing shapes--to exact a weird and terrible vengeance, one by one, on the murderers of Elspet Malcolm. It was a beautiful--and evil--woman. It was a raging bull. It was a marauding tiger. But to Pricker Gill, the last to await his fate, it was none of these...it was the spawn of the devil straight from Hell!