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Sardo's Magic Mansion.png

Sardo's Magic Mansion is a magic shop owned and operated by Sardo.

Most of the items inside the shop are harmless commong magic tricks or pranks. However; ocassionally there are items that turn out to really possess magic powers, much to the shock of Sardo.

Sardo often tries to oversell an item he claims to be rare or one of a kind, but typically relents and takes whatever money the buyer offers.

Items Sold

  • Dark Dragon Potion - Sold for $20 to Keith Saunders
  • Egyptian Friendship Stone - Sold for $17.75 to Alison Denny
  • Miniature Door - Sold for $10 to Justin
  • Shandu's Magic Set - Sold for unkown price to Rush Keegan
  • Super Specs - Sold for unknown price to Weeds
  • Tools of Oblivion - Sold for $10 to Max
  • Zammy - Sold for unknown price to Jason Midas

Other Items

  • The Book of Shadows
  • The Everlasting Light
  • Ghostly Grinner, Issue One
  • Ghastly Grinner Doll
  • Mystical Mirror
  • A Shrunken Head