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Sardo, played by Richard Dumont, is a recurring character in the television series Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

Sardo is the owner and proprietor of the magic shop Sardo's Magic Mansion. His seemingly normal items often lead to the buyer's misery. A running joke throughout his appearances is when a character refers to him as Mister Sardo, "That's SarDO! No mister; accent on the doh!"

Additionally, when selling someone an item, he would often ask a rather high price. The main character would mention how much money they had, and Sardo would grab the money saying, "But I'm losing on the deal." Although he rarely got what he wanted, he would often end up helping the characters, often unintentionally. He appeared in Gary's stories, although in the later seasons, he appeared in two of Tucker's and one of David's in the episode "The Tale of The Dark Dragon."

Sardo's character is revived in the second season of the second revival, Curse of the Shadows. Sardo's son is the owner of Sardo's Magic Mansion. Richard Dumont appears in the finale as Sardo.