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Sacrifice - Masterton

Sacrifice is a novel written by Graham Masterton. It was first published in 1985.


Charles Krogh long ago promised he would never get involved with intelligence work again. But now he feels a familiar tightening in his heart... an exhilarating, alarming feeling that he was once more a player in that vast invisible game without rules, the game of deception and bluff and sudden extraordinary danger--the game without which the world can never be safe... or at peace.

Peace. Each world power has its own version. Now, events are being shaped which will totally alter the international balance of power, with far greater and more devastating effects than ever before.

The experts, men and women like Charles Krogh, take their positions. Some will live... some will die. Players and opponents in a struggle for the future of humanity. Win or lose, their lives are all a SACRIFICE.