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Rudy Grimes, played by Sean Patrick Thomas, is a character in the film Halloween: Resurrection.

Rudy is signed up to participate in the Dangertainment reality show by his friend Jennifer Danzig. He looked forward to the opportunity because he wanted to become a chef with his own chain of restaurants.

Once in the house, he almost immediately notices something strange is going on. The spices in the pantry were still fresh, which began to tip him off that some of the props in the house were staged.

He went off to smoke pot with Jennifer but was cut short when he hear Sara Moyer screaming that Michael Myers was in the house. He tried to calm her down. When "Michael" was in fact Freddie Harris trying to boost the audience, Sara and Rudy lost interest in taking part in the sham show.

When they witnessed Jennifer being beheaded at the landing of the staircase, Sara and Rudy ran. Rudy bought time for Sara to escape by distracting Michael. The two engaged in a brief struggle until Myers pinned him to a wall with a steak knife.