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Royce predators

Royce, played by Adrien Brody, is a character in the film Predators.

Royce is a former U.S. Special Operations Forces turned mercenary equipped with an AA-12 automatic shotgun with a drum mag, and a pistol as well as a machete. He realizes that he and others are on an alien game preserve planet, and are being hunted as game by some unknown hunters.

Royce releases the Classic Predator for his help to start the ship in order to escape the planet. He disarms Edwin, paralyzes him, and booby-traps him with grenades and uses him as bait in a trap for the Berserker Predator. Royce disorients Berserker and after a violent fight, he defeats and decapitates it.

He and Isabelle sit together by the remains of a fire, watching the sky as more humans and other aliens are being dropped into the jungle. Royce says to Isabelle that it is time to find a way off the planet, and they walk away into the jungle.