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Roy Burns is the secondary antagonist of the Friday the 13th franchise, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Victor J. Faden) of Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning and a posthumous antagonist in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

Roy Burns is a paramedic who responds to a murder at the Pinehurst Youth Development Center. After the victim is revealed to be Joey Burns, Roy has a strange look come over his face. Meanwhile, masked killer resembling Jason Voorhees is killing the residents of Pinehurst. After a climactic showdown between the killer and Reggie Winter, Pam Roberts, and Tommy Jarvis, the killer falls from a barn loft onto farming equipment and is killed. His mark it torn off and it is revealed to be Roy Burns.

The police later identify Roy as Joey’s loner father, and determine that he went insane after his son’s death and sought revenge, inspired by the stories of Jason’s killing sprees.

He is played by Dick Wieand (unmasked) and Tom Morga (masked).


  1. Vinnie Manalo - Road flare put in his mouth by Roy Burn.
  2. Pete Muldrow - Throat slit by Roy.
  3. Billy Macauley - Hit with an axe by Roy.
  4. Lana Ardsley - Hit with an axe by Roy.
  5. Raymond - Stabbed in the stomach by Roy.
  6. Tina McCarthy - Eyes gouged out by Roy with garden shears.
  7. Eddie Kelso - Head crushed against a tree by Roy, who wrapped a rope around his head and twisted it to tighten it to crush his head.
  8. Dr. Matthew Letter - Spiked in the head by Roy offscreen.
  9. George Winter - Eyes gouged out offscreen by Roy.
  10. Anita Robb - Throat slit offscreen by Roy.
  11. Demon Winter - Speared by Roy through a wall.
  12. Junior Hubbard - Decapitated by Roy with a cleaver.
  13. Ethel Hubbard - Hit in the face by Roy with a cleaver.
  14. Jake Patterson - Stabbed by Roy with a cleaver.
  15. Robin Brown - Stabbed from under the bed by Roy.
  16. Violet Morainie - Stabbed in the stomach by Roy.
  17. Duke Johnson - Killed offscreen by Roy, was found dead in an ambulance. Presumably this was revenge for making jokes about Joey's death.